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I am George Pierce.  I have been able to reach a healthy weight and to maintain for over 20 years.   I have done some heavy research, much of which you will find on this website.  My biggest discover has been the simple fact that most people (about 95%) are unable to succeed long term at losing weight.  


In my humble opinion, that kind of failure is IMPOSSIBLE!  


With all the knowledge and technology and science and information that is available, yet, most people still cannot lose weight. That seems ridiculous.   I felt that something must be wrong.  I discovered that something is wrong.  I learned that weight loss programs are incomplete. I found out that there is more to weight loss than diet and exercise.  


Why do people continue to struggle with losing weight?  There are a few simple weight loss skills and some little known weight loss secrets they have never been taught.  Being successful is a bit like riding a bike or driving a car.  These skills are nearly impossible until you learn them, then they get pretty easy.   


My mission is to provide you with these weight loss skills and a few weight loss secrets to empower you to be able to learn how to WIN at losing weight and to master that skill.  Membership, which is free, includes these skills, tips, secrets, training, and more and it is free.


Thank you so much for visiting and thank you for reading, my friend.  I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

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George Pierce